Attendees at the Builder’s Convention have the option to build a MOC and display it for the public at the Public Exposition. If you have any questions you can contact the Theme Coordinator for each theme or the Theme Overlord from the Contact Us page.

Bricks Cascade organizes our attendee’s MOCs based on themes so that similar MOCs can find a home together and give the attendees and public a more cohesive experience. It allows us to create large displays based on similar interests.

Many builds are hosting collaborative builds this year. The purpose of a collaborative build is to have multiple builders contribute to a creation, making it larger and more impressive because so many different minds were involved.

Architecture - Replicas of notable buildings or new creations of architectural inspiration

Awarded Trophies:

– Best in Architecture
– Most Inspiring Architecture
– Most Out of This World Architecture (Best collaborative build)

Collaborative Build: Out of this world Architecture

Lego Architecture line copies buildings from this world.  How about architecture from other worlds?  What does the architecture look like from Gallifrey?  What would the Simpson’s home look like on Uranus? Maybe you want to display what the Thirteenth Tribe’s architecture looks like or something from Terminus.  Perhaps a worm proof citadel from Arrakis.  It’s up to you and your imagination.

Art - Amazing creations of color and form; all from the brick

Awarded Trophies:

– Best 2D Art
– Best 3D Art
– Friendliest Brick in Town (Best use of Friends-colored elements/pieces)
– Cascadia’s Craftiest Quilter (Best collaborative build)

Collaborative Build: “Our Cascadia” LEGO Mosaic Quilt.

Builders who would like to participate in this new, fun, and cooperative element to this year’s Art theme should plan to bring a “quilt square” to add to the group build that meets the following guidelines:
– Must be built on, and not exceed the perimeter of, a 16-stud by 16-stud base plate.
– Additional layers of depth attached to the baseplate may not exceed 3 plates OR 1 brick.
– Your “quilt square” should artistically, whether graphically or interpretively, evoke what Cascadia means to you.
– Any builder who would like their “quilt square” contribution to be considered for the “Cascadia’s Craftiest Quilter” award, must register the MOC and receive a MOC Number(#).

Battle - Replicas of battle scenes, past, modern, and future

Awarded Trophies:

– I’ve Got You (Best Battle Scene)
– Trojan Horse (Best vehicle)
– War Films (Best use of motion or illusion of motion)

Collaborative Build: Battlescape

Help create (and save) a city in conflict by bringing a squad of troops (any era; modern, mythological, apocalyptic, etc.) and a building on any size baseplate. Together, these will be stitched together for form the Battlescape. Additional elements (terrain, roads, vehicles) typically seen in a 21st-century city are encouraged.

Bionicle - Creatures and figures from Bionicle and Hero Factory elements

Awarded Trophies:

– Best BIONICLE: Larger
– Best BIONICLE: Smaller
– Most Creative BIONICLE

Collaborative Build: Year of the Rooster

2017 is the Year of the Rooster in Chinese tradition. Inspired many traditions around our world, BIONICLE often looked to the stars for duty and destiny. At Bricks Cascade, BIONICLE builders will once again look to these traditions for inspiration as they come together to showcase wondrous MOCs based on the animals associated with stargazing around the world.

Castle/Pirates – Original medieval scenes from the age of adventure; wizards, knights, castles, villages, and pirates

Awarded Trophies:

– Treasure of the High Seas (Best build with a nautical or maritime theme)
– Most Stupendous Structure (Best medieval or fantasy structure)
– Most Tantalizing Tale (Best tells a medieval or fantasy story)

Collaborative Build: Medieval walled city

Bring stand-alone buildings (built directly on plates rather than on baseplates) and your medieval, fantasy, and pirate mini figures. We’ll lay out the buildings into the winding streets of a medieval walled village or town and populate it with villagers, artisans, and nobles.

Classic - The classic sets and creations from our childhood, built again for all to see

Awarded Trophies:

– Singularly Fabulous (Best overall Fabuland/Classic Build)
– Once Upon a Classic (Best Fabuland/Classic Story)
– In a galaxy far far away (Most obscure Star Wars build/concept)

Collaborative Build: Fabu-Wars

Build a Star Wars scene, ship, or diorama in Classic Fabuland style and/or colors, using Fabuland characters and theme. Your build should tell a story of some kind that is loosely based on Star Wars… but since Fabuland is one of the few themes with no actual conflict, this story should be funny first and foremost. Any element and any color can be used. MOCs should closely follow the classic Fabuland palette, use fairly simple building techniques, and “look” like they are from the classic era, regardless of actual complexity. For those without a Fabuland figure in their collection who would still like to participate, there will be a limited number of figures available to be borrowed at the show. Feel free to join the Fabuwars Facebook or Flickr group or contact me directly for questions, clarifications, or ideas.

Cosplay - Costumes as our favorite Lego characters or built out of Lego itself

Awarded Trophies:

– Best Wearable MOC
– Best Lego-themed Traditional Cosplay

Collaborative Build: N/A

Mecha - Mechanical characters and mechanized suits of armor

Awarded Trophies:

– Best Mecha (Best in Mecha)
– Fastest Mech (The Mech that looks like it will win the race. A Minifig pilot must be visible)
– Best Themed Mech (Designed after a recognizable character/theme; old ’57 chevy or F-14 Tomcat)

Collaborative Build: The “1,000” Stud Race

Bring your racing mech for your chance to bring home the gold! Team up as we set up the course for the race. Bring the racer’s fans to be spectators. Does your mech need a pit stop to rehydrate or replace its feet/tires? Keep an eye out for info about contributing to the race course.

Microscale - Cities, ships, castles; all of tiny proportions

Awarded Trophies:

– Micro-nificent (Best in Micro)
– Another (Little) Brick in the Wall (best castle themed Micropolis build)
– Motion Micro (MOCs with motion or the illusion of motion will suffice)

Collaborative Build: Micropolis with focus on Castle

Mixed - Lego creations so unique and amazing as to defy classification

Awarded Trophies:

– Best Small MOC
– Best Large MOC
– Most Creative

Collaborative Build: N/A

Photography - Capturing images of Lego in a new medium

Awarded Trophies

– Best LEGOgraphy
– LEGOgraphy LIVE!

Note to Participants: Photographs will be displayed at about a four-to-six-foot viewing distance on standard-height tables, NOT hanging on walls. Please print your photographs at the size you feel is appropriate for this viewing scenario. When registering your photograph as a MOC, please report the size of the photograph in inches (rather than in number of studs). Participants will be responsible for providing their own framing or backing materials, as well as display easels. Constructing easels and/or frames from LEGO is always encouraged!

Collaborative Build: “Bricks Cascade 2017 LIVE!” Digital LEGOgraphy “Live” Stream Display
To participate in this exciting, collaborative display, all you need to do is:

– First, take an awesome LEGO photograph while attending the private convention as a registered Convention Attendee. (Sorry, Public Expo attendees not eligible.)

Please note: Inspiration from, and cooperation with, other convention attendees’ MOCs is highly encouraged… However, PLEASE be sure to ASK PERMISSION of the builder before touching, or even featuring, any MOCs that are not your own.

– Next, stop by the Photography display tables and find the Photography Theme Coordinator, Jenelle, for information on how to submit your photo to be part of the digital display.

– We will be continuously displaying the entries in a digital slideshow format throughout the duration of the convention.

Pop Culture - Creations inspired by movies, video games, and other pop culture phenomena

Awarded Trophies:

– Coolest Character (Best character design)
– Spectacular Scene (Best scenery design)
– Dynamic Dimensions (Best model for the collaborative build)

Collaborative Build: Dimensions

Small Scale: Design small vehicles in a style similar to Lego Dimension packs to go with a figure from a work of culture. The various models will come together on a larger display piece.
Larger Scale: Design scenes on baseplates to depict locations from various works of pop culture, and then include characters / vehicles from another work, to demonstrate the style of gameplay of Lego Dimensions. (For example, Harry Potter characters traveling in a landscape piece from the Wizard of Oz.) Various Dimension portals would be included to be placed between different scenes, helping depict an interconnected but diverse Lego world.

Space - Spaceships, moon bases, alien vessels, distant colonies, and other original sci-fi creations

Awarded Trophies:

– It’s S.H.I.P. to be Square (Best large-scale Space Vessel)
– Interstella Bella (Most beautiful space creation)
– The Seven Red Dwarves (Best MOC in collaborative build)

Collaborative build: Resources

A resource-rich sector has been discovered a few lightyears away from a bustling interstellar hub. Planets, asteroids, and stars in this system all contain extremely rare and valuable minerals, but who will claim them? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to prepare your space-faring vessel and crew for immediate departure to the newly discovered sector. You must compete with other government, corporate, private, and pirate organizations in order to secure your share of the profits. Which side will you be on?

Steampunk - Sophisticated technological constructs built with gears and wood

Awarded Trophies

– Most Fantabulous (Best Steampunk)
– Steamiest Steamer (Best vehicle)
– Key to the Burg (Best in Streets of Brass)

Collaborative Build: Streets of Brass

Visit our steamy little town of inventors and malcontents! Bring a small (~16 studs on side) minifig-scale building to add to our Steampunk collaborative build. If you want to participate, join our facebook ( group or contact the theme-coordinator for details.

Superheroes - Creations featuring men and women with powers beyond mere mortals

Awarded Trophies:

– Up, Up and Away (Best in superheroes)
– BIF! BAM! POW! (Second best in superheroes)
– Good in a Crisis (best in Collaborative build)


The A.R.T.I.F.I.C.E. Gate network is busier than ever, allowing the crossing of interdimensional barriers into parallel worlds and alternate realities. (Not to mention the crossing of intellectual property-lines from all walks of fictional life). Superheroes fighting supervillains from another reality. Invasions from not just outer space, but whole other dimensions. Every kind of team-up and smackdown your genre-loving heart can imagine!
The standard is the same this year as last: MOCs are to be built on a 32 stud by 32 stud baseplate (or multiples thereof), and all MOCs must include at least one A.R.T.I.F.I.C.E. Gate [instructions for which can be found in the Flickr group at:[]

Technic - Gears, axels, and linkages that allow these creations to move and flex

Awarded Trophies:

– Technic-al Achievement (Best in Technic)
– Technic Color MOC: (Craziest technic build)
– Balls Out: (Best Great Ball Contraption)

Collaborative Build: G B C !

Great Ball Contraption is a corner of the MOC world for folks with the need to see little Lego balls go through Rube Goldberg like mechanisms for hours on end. The GBC standard (see: or ) allows for multiple builders to string their GBCs together for an even crazier display. GBCs are fiddly, wear down elements into white powder, have to be able to run for hours on end, and are really really fun. GBCs can be original designs or can be any of the amazing designs already available on the web (see sites like for ideas and instructions). Looking forward to seeing what everyone brings!

Town & Train - Modern age cities and railroad

Awarded Trophies:

– Best Big building
– Best Small building
– Best Vehicle/Train
– Best Scenery
– Most Creative

Collaborative Build: Red Brick Road

A town street whose buildings all include at least one (but preferably more) dark red masonry brick ({||color||:59}). The brick(s) can be part of the structure or its detail, or be part of something outside the structure, like a bench or sign. The MOCs can be modified from real LEGO sets/modulars or be brand-new MOCs. For uniformities’ sake, traditional modular scale is recommended but we’ll make exceptions.